Welcome to the darkness :
Drums As Guns And Chords As Cries
(A solo DIY cathartic musical project)
Music for Ninja Terminator fans
To the future : Rest In Peace...
Happy new last year !

I. The Sound :

II. Contact :

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III. The Meaning :

Demonstrim (2011)

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01 - Bricks
(The first one, with a brand new version that sounds better)

Those landscapes are only made of bricks on which the sound is bouncing like if it was just trying to escape...
Despite it seems to be a non-sense the surviving minds became even better.
They learned to use the darkness which had made them all sick to sculpt the waves and record on tape the roots of a new kind of hearts...

02 - Glass
(The one that opened the way to all the following)

You lay there transparent and still.
Light glows and finds its way through you.
When the sun sets, you no longer have this feeling to be empty.
You stare at the skies and think :
May this scene fulfill me for years to come !
And you really believe it...
And you know it won't help, but this faith is keeping you alive, so you accept.
May this help me to stand this life !
But when the end of this interlude only brings pain as usual, remember that life is an optical illusion.

03 - The Black Heartbeats : Rain
(A prophecy)

Watch your sons, the rain's to come!
Everything we used to love shall be wiped away.
In the clay you will rest and only will remain death.
Something is flying above our trembling heads that feels like a threat and keeps hiding the day.
So how could we even see tomorrow?

04 - The Black Heartbeats : Storm
(The huge disaster)

Flooded by this wet air that is drowning you from inside, you walk as fast as possible with this powerful wind hitting you.
Is there any shelter around ?
Your mind is so focused on fear and survival that you can't even remember how all this happened.
It's unbelievable this place one day felt so secure, sweet and lovely.
Now the remaining people cannot hope for any rest, and to stay alive they have to do their best.
A single mistake and you're dead, drowned, eaten, fallen, starved...
This is the only choice you still have.
Free will is a luxury we cannot afford anymore.

05 - The Black Heartbeats : Dawn
(A little hope)

Feel the sunbeams on your forehead.
Keep your eyes closed to preserve them.
This light is too intense by far and you already feel sunburns are coming.
Using your hand as a protection you exit your precarious shelter you made with all the debris found near, to look around and evaluate the situation.
The sun is at last piercing the ashes clouds and only lighting a small area around.
That's lucky the sun woke you up so that you can get a better idea of the surroundings grounds.
All the area is covered by snow expect for the places the sun lighted in which there is a dark gray mud swallowing your feet at each step.
You're standing on a hill but darkness isn't allowing you to see further for instance.
The clouds move and the light rays follow their route above earth.
The shadows are slowly regaining their hold on your territory and the cold cuts your breath at the moment the light quits you.
Fighting the fear, you wait and stand to see the ground ahead.
All you can see is mud and snow.
You can only guess former houses or buildings are lying under the bumps, and floor lamps are now licking the surface.
"No hope this way", you think.
"Better be patient..."

06 - The Black Heartbeats : Vagrancy
(An exodus)

You check your bag not to forget anything because today (or tonight, who can say ?) you decided to leave this place and try to reach the closest town.
Your supplies were low and it looked like the last solution not to starve.
It is supposed to be about fifty kilometers away, so you hope to reach it in fifteen hours.
Here is the first step to a better tomorrow, or at least you hope.
The worst part is to keep the azimuth.
With all this snow and ashes covering the roads and buildings it's very complicated, with this small flashlight, to guess the way.
The best part is that hopefully  nothing is going to slow you down.
The wind is blowing on your back and even goes through your winter coat.
Sometimes it is so fast that you almost lose control and fall in the gray snow.
Now the scarf you wear on your face is becoming solid because of the ice.
You feel the bite of cold harder at each step but you know you have to keep on walking or the frost will eat you whole.
Meters are slowly passing and you think each one is a victory in this war against death.

It was the best option you had.
Finding a supermarket won't be hard once you get in this kind of promise land so you really have to walk and stand.
Kilometers are passing and you feel your energy is almost all gone.
Your feel no more pain in your fingers which you think isn't good sign at all.
Plus if the batteries in your lamp get too cold, it will be black once for all.
Here there is a crack in the snow, too big to be jumped over, so you decide to go to the right because the ground is going down this way.
After some time walking along the crack you finally reach a place where is stops.
Seems the spot to cross, and you go.
Confusion is reaching your mind ; you hope you're not lost...
Panic is infiltrating your brain ; you will never get anywhere safe...

07 - The Black Heartbeats : Hunger
(A dramatic failure)

Your hesitating steps are leading to a kind of pillar.
This kind of hill dozen meters high is not looking natural.
You cannot believe your eyes.
It seems that you made it, you're in town.
You suddenly think about the easy it was to get there when everything was still "normal" and quiet.
"It's just an half an hour ride", you used to say...
So still with your robotic walk, you come closer.
This first building is completely covered by debris so you go further with your very last strength.
This tower seems to have protected the buildings behind and in the end you see, emerging from the ground, the very top of a sign.
A new force is now speeding your walk.
Trying to find the doors is useless whereas climbing to the roof is easy.
Seeking an opening, your light passes quickly over foot prints !
It seems that you weren't the only one having the idea to come.
Following this track you find a broken window, from which is coming a terrible smell.
Pointing the flashlight to the dark inside, the chaos reveals :
Twisted shelves are mixed with empty card boxes and numerous different kinds of trash.
Looking further, you discover dead human bodies laying in uncommon positions under card.
Finally you understand your try was ridiculous.
With so many people in the city, the supplies had no chance to stay intact...
Some mad hunger feeling comes back to your mind.
Need to eat something or you will fall soon for good...
In the city you will certainly find a shelter.
Go, as quick as you can, small man.

08 - The Black Heartbeats : Abandon
(An end)

I am the god that left you.
Satisfied, I followed your track till the very end.
I am so proud you made it this far...
So proud of you, son.
You may ignore this, but you are the last living man on this planet, and your flame vacillates, revealing your state to my conscience.
This is funny to consider that you, isolated and unaware like you were, made it further than governments and their army who had huge stocks «just in case» and never managed to use these...
So here it ends, with the life slowly exiting this sad shell your body is...
Thanks for the entertainment you provided me.
This playground is now terminated and I wonder what will be my next occupation!
There are still so many things to try...
As I planned, mankind did not survive themselves.
Of course, I had to make things a bit quicker to stop this annoying battle.
I have to say I am kind of surprised this comedy lasted so long.
Thousands of planets are now waiting for me, so please excuse me for leaving you already.
I am glad having met you, son...
Is this really possible?
Am I dreaming or God just spoke to me?
So our God made us fall after playing with us a while?
Funny to think our whole history is just a game for him. Come back, lord!
You were supposed to help us find the salvation, not destroy us!
Come back, please!
I hate you so much for what you have done to us!
I hate you!
If only I could destroy you...
If only you could disappear with your children...
Damn you! Shame! Am I really the last one here? Shit, shit, shit...
I'm dying and all I feel is hate... Good bye world, good bye life... My time has come...

(A certain vision of godplanets)

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01 - Hatching

The sun brought me to life, and secretly, all the pieces came together and began to make sense.
I keep near my father-mother because i fear the infinity that surrounds me.
The rays keep me warm and dry my tears.
Unaware, i stand near the fire that will burn me the first.

02 - Seduction

Passive and lascive, i sit in the playground and i don't even notice that everyone is staring at me.
My beauty is some kind of magic. I could even say a curse.
It makes me raise in a pervert way as i can manipulate anyone.

03 - Apprentice

I'm so small compared to my older brothers and sisters, but my heart is powerfull and brings hope to everyone.
The children i raised are brilliant and beautiful. Some of them want to kill me and make me look like the others, desertic, dry and sad.
Hopefully, i have the power to struggle against that. They will soon understand.

04 - Suntan

No lyrics on this one.

05 - Icing Heart

I tried to be better, but my anger is dominating me. I found my karma in battles and wars.
There was a time when i could love but it's gone away.
I know i will never be like my father, but violence is a way to make him see me.
In the end, i hope i will die by the sword, to make them suffer my loss.

06 - Sovereign

I'm proud of my family. They all found their way in the universe. Thanks to me, the balance is set.
I know they try to take the power, but they can not defeat me.
What i only regret is that in my war against Sol, there is no way i can win. Without him i'm dead, and he knows it.
I am arrived to a point where stagnation is the best hope. This makes me sad to know that i can not hope for more...
I wonder if i can continue like this without a goal.

07 - Ego

There was a time, everyone was trembling before my sight.
And now i'm just a mortal, i have to earn every single part of my food...
I can still remember the taste my children had before being betrayed. What a good memory...
And now it's over. The cycle repeats. After having chased my father away, my son did the same to me.
All because of the females. Traitors, all of them. I knew they were ploting in my back.
I would punish everyone if only i still had some power... This weakness is killing me slowly.
My anger is growing and it burns me inside.

08 - Pacemaker

All things live under my command. Without me, no movement, no life, no energy.
They all think they are free from my influence... Fools.
My ineluctable pace brings them all to an end. And personnaly, i have plenty of time...
Well, almost infinity to see them decline and to restore my domination amongst universe.
They thought it was sufficient to prevent my reproduction. But i'm the only real infinite being.
I don't need any successor... I'm self-sufficient.

09 - Peacemaker

Placid and peaceful, i observe my empire moving all around.
Birthplace of life, the water is allways equal.
Even when it kills some beings on the surface or on boats, it is never on purpose. It is never cruel.
Then i come to reset the chaos to another different chaos that has less cries and blood.
And the mortals worship me. Blue is my crown, blue is my world, blue is my heart, blue is life.

10 - Justice

In the end, Uranus brings them all to me. Coldly, i then judge who goes where.
For the good-willed, i have an entire land underground, where they can wander and find oblivion.
For the bad, the end is much longer...
They have to know a bit of the pain they inflicted to others to start remission.
I am Justice. I am reason. All the rest are completely senseless and meaningless.
They all act like fools, just as if there was no end.
I am the surprise behind the corner. Fear me, love me.
In the shadows i observe you. Do not even think i can forget or forgive...

Music For Godfrey Ho's Fans (2012)
(On the way to Z...)

01 - Mac Burp Alone At 9PM In A Foreign Town

Oh what a great feeling!
Let's have a good meal and win the war against hunger.
An empty stomach is a plague...
I won't sleep like this.

02 - Supreme 42

Oh divine number, bring us the answer of life !
Give us the real meaning of existence !

03 - Malin Melsenne

1, 3, 7, 31...

04 - A Group Of Pigs Is A Great Thing

A group of pigs is a great thing...
But you have not to be amazed if you find shit at their feet.

05 - Never Trust A Joker

Sliding all around, viper tongue speaking like a traitor.
A smile face but evil behind. See the grave in the mirror ?
Never trust a joker !

06 - Jesus Was Born A Rainy Day

Jesus was born a rainy day.
Fate was against him ; supposed to bring peace to mankind, he failed.
His heritage is only division and hate.
A son of a bitch that trust his mad visions...

07 - All Your Base Are Belong To Ninjas Part I

Look at this shadow through the window moving like a cat pursuing his prey
It seems to be a man even if the silouhette is unclear.
Wonder why he wears such a strange outfit !
The filmmaker was certainly drunk !
He now walks on the wall! That's a marvel !!
Diamond to cut the glass and a vacuum to remove the piece.
A hand get into the hole and reaches the handle.
His steps are silent and light.
Plastic blade is now out and waits like a snake to hit his prey...

08 - Bulgogi

Fat eyes on boiling water.
Kimchi is waiting for you on the corner of the table.
Mushrooms, like grey noodles, move with the flow.
Beef is already sacrified to hunger
Annyong haseyo ! Tul maekchu putak hamnida! Bulgogi for all. Maekchu juseyo !

09 - Tennis Is A Sport For Smart People

You have to stay focused, you have to stay alert.
Forget the sacrifices your parents had to make.
Forget the pills you have to take.

10 - Silly Ghosts

How come can you only show your existence to weak ones ?
Why wouldn't you show yourself to scientists, so that anyone knows you're here ?
Silly ghosts, just leave us alone. Everyone had his share, we know life is unfair.

11 - What A Wonderfull World

Bombs, poverty, uranium, death, famine, incest, crime, war,
Suicide, capitalism, despair, egoism,
Plague, rape, lies, murder, guns, genocide, religion...
And i think to myself : what a wonderful world...

12 - Avalanche Of Mana In Your Face

Kamehameha !

13 - All Your Base Are Belong To Ninjas Part II

The target is in the next room.
At his desk, he's reading.
The snake reaches his prey's throat slowly and suddenly bites
A clear red geyser springs out and covers the screen.
All hail Jaguar Wong ! (Buy a Garfield phone.)
All hail Godrey Ho ! (And blonde fake hair !)

14 - One Ball (Or The End Of You)

Didn't you see this sign ?
It's saying "private property, no trespassing", right ?
So you know i have the right to kill you just like that, uh ?
So die, fucking bastard !

15 - 0


16 - Something Goes Wrong In My Head

Why do i like dead kennedys while other people like shakira ?
Why do i believe there's no god while others kill for him ?
Why do i find this world stupid while others are happy ?
Why do i only ask myself this question ??
Something goes wrong in my head !!

17 - Fucking 8 Ball

It is certain
It is decidedly so
Without a doubt
Yes definitely
You may rely on it
As I see it, yes
Most likely
Outlook good
Signs point to yes
Reply hazy, try again
Ask again later
Better not tell you now
Cannot predict now
Concentrate and ask again
Don't count on it
My reply is no
My sources say no
Outlook not so good
Very doubtful

18 - Sunglasses

I hate you when you hide your eyes...
"Never trust someone with sunglasses", my father used to say.
He was right, damn right.

19 - Honest Politics

Error 404, file not found.

20 - Eating Razor Blades

One day, i'll try to swallow something sharp.
Just to see if it can go out without any damages.

21 - Gravity Or Why Jumping From The Roof Is Dangerous

No lyrics yet.

Mondo De Silento (2013)

01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06.

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Tempo Detruas Ciun (2013)

10 titoloj.

Ciuj tiuj titoloj krom la 4 estas instrumenta.

Nova Kun Malnova (2013)

6 titoloj.

Ciuj tiuj titoloj estas instrumenta.


I used on Demonstrim :

Tama Starclassic maple drumset + 12" Yamaha wooden snare drum + various turkish styled cymbals
> recorded with a Behringer microphone.
Customized Barracuda guitar (Seymour Duncan pickups)
Rok Axe bass
Marshall AVT100 amplifier
> recorded with amp's emulated line out plugged in the computer's integrated sound card line in.
Cubase 5 used for recording, mixing and "mastering".

I used on MVTMJSUNP :

Tascam US-1800 USB sound card
Old Hoshino Gakki drumset + Mapex 14" steel snare drum + Zildjian K 19" custom ride + Zildjian A 18" Projection Crash + Sabian B8 pro 8" splash
> recorded with Shure microphones (PGDMK6-XLR kit + SM57 LC + Beta 52 A) + my good old Behringer microphone.
LTD EC-1000QM (with Seymour Duncan passive pickups)
Barracuda Custom Mk. II guitar (Seymour Duncan pickups + Warmoth body and neck)
Danelectro 12 strings
Rok Axe bass
Marshall AVT100 amplifier
> recorded with amp's emulated line out plugged in a jack input of the US-1800.
Akai MPK Mini MIDI keyboard
Cubase 6 used for recording, MIDI, mixing and "mastering".

I am using on Music For Godfrey Ho's Fans :

Tascam US-1800 USB sound card
Tama Starclassic maple drumset + 12" Yamaha wooden snare drum + various turkish styled cymbals
> recorded with Shure microphones (PGDMK6-XLR kit + SM57 LC + Beta 52 A) + my good old Behringer microphone.
Barracuda Custom Mk. II guitar (Seymour Duncan pickups + Warmoth body and neck)
Rok Axe bass
Marshall AVT100 amplifier
> recorded with amp's emulated line out plugged in a jack input of the US-1800.
Akai MPK Mini MIDI keyboard
Cubase 6 used for recording, MIDI, mixing and "mastering".

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